Il 19 gennaio su segnalazione, purtroppo sono stati accalappiati questi 2 maremmani maschi, di cui, uno ferito sul muso, in c.da Mozzavinci 33 in zona Macerata.
Aiutateci a far girare questo post … e speriamo che non siano cani pastore abbandonati, perché “non più adatti alla difesa del gregge”.
Per segnalazioni: 392-7060232


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  1. Bryan Rimm ha detto:

    do you guys like XXX models?

  2. zakden ha detto:

    Audio recorder is also provided with Sloud UB Composer, to record notes played when singing to accompany yourself.
    For every tempo or mood you can create a unique score.
    Sloud UB Composer allows to perform by yourself, or to accompany yourself to play along to with your lyrics.
    Support for MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF file formats can be imported and edited.
    If you’re looking for an easy to use application for learning to perform

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  3. lorsalt ha detto:

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  4. bibygayl ha detto:

    * Launch4j 3.1.0 – Create executable Java applications under Java for Windows and Java for Linux.
    * SWT Designer 0.4.4 – Provides an XML-based design tool for building Eclipse plugins.
    * Help Contents 3.2.1 – Show and navigate Eclipse help contents.
    * Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment 3.2.1 – Tool and platform to create and run Eclipse-based applications.
    * Eclipse RCP Utilities 1.2.

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  5. gennhun ha detto:

    No setup necessary, besides Java
    It’s possible to save TTFEdit anywhere on the disk and just click the JAR file to launch the utility, as well as to copy it to a removable storage unit to directly run it on any PC with minimum effort. Unlike most installers, it doesn’t modify Windows registry settings.
    Vector-based glyphs can be edited by simply changing their points with the help of the mouse cursor. Plus, you can add new points or delete them

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  6. maradd ha detto:

    4Musics ST to MP3 Converter is a robust and simple tool that helps you convert files (faster than 2000 tracks per minute) from any sound format in the ST or FLAC format to the MP3 format. 4Musics ST to MP3 Converter has a good interface supported by many languages, skins and has a very informative help file. You can add an unlimited number of audio tracks to the list. The only issue that we found regarding this software is that it

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  7. valobela ha detto:

    The songs are sooooo good, love it!!!!

    Behavioral plagiarism is the practice of taking somebody else’s thoughts, words, ideas, or expressions without giving appropriate credit, including linking to the original.

    Reminds me of Lars Eighner’s classic, “The Long Sustainability” : “You know not all of your friends are good.

    I have that damn workshop on my mind this week. It

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  8. haldee ha detto:

    The software supports a wide range of image types, including many files that you can find on the web. You can choose between two skin styles to have the software doing the right thing.
    Thanks to its straightforward graphical interface, iWebAlbum shouldn’t be a complicated program to use. But once in a while, you can find yourself facing some troubles, so let’s go over them. For example, the application isn’t able to quickly organize pictures in folders, so some of them might be

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  9. ellrei ha detto:

    New and improved QReator with new features!
    Improvements to stability.
    Supports scanning.
    Design revisions/fixes.
    Various small bug fixes.
    Initial release.
    Various bug fixes and translation improvements.Nedal Rashid

    Nedal Rashid (born August 14, 1993) is an Indonesian professional footballer who

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  10. xyljani ha detto:

    Set low expectations: PhotoFlare is simple tool for general photo editing. Expect only basic features.
    The Bottom Line
    Speaking of PhotoFlare’s usability, we should fairly admit that its simplicity could turn some users off. While we understand that, anyone who really wants to get his or her hands dirty with complex image editing will most likely end up sulking since PhotoFlare is designed to cover most of what users will want to do with ease. Then again, it’s still a

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  11. meyrgiz ha detto:

    1) In Configuration file use new section:

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  12. zealben ha detto:

    Vector or bitmap images allow the incorporation of complex special effects such as expanding, contracting, inverting, rotating, spreading, tinting, blending, and opening windows or other distortions (stylized distortions).
    Vector images may contain linked components that refer to other images and meta-data files such as text, tables, or other vector graphics.
    The ability of WMF to store Raster Graphics (RTF), and to store more complicated formatting techniques such as patterns, vector layers and

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  13. alitziry ha detto:

    ■ 32-bit Windows operating system is required. Please refer to the Readme.txt for more details about requirements.
    News: ReMPEG2 1.1: Was added support for realtime editing!
    A new tool was added: ReMPEG2-Realtime Editor.
    ■ Added Support for REAC02 QuickCut. You have to run it from a floppy disk.
    Technical Support:
    If you have any questions or suggestions about this program

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  14. hayedi ha detto:

    It works through stealth, meaning that it activates instantly when a launch attempt is made. Also, the application comes built-in with a built-in stealth mode, meaning that you can remove it from the computer when you prefer.
    Free and simple to use
    There are no registration requirements and a 30-day-trial version is available at no cost. You can easily delete the application in case you do not like it.
    Verity has three different sections and reports: your activities,

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  15. gioect ha detto:


    Getting proper planning for the project helps to meet the time allocated for the project

    Printable schedule and reports are easy to locate

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  16. wardhill ha detto:

    What’s more, it is also user-friendly and its screen-capture functionality, when enabled in the preferences, surely makes it an essential utility for all desktop users.
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  17. wetbles ha detto:

    Minecraft1.4.7 V2
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